Maykel FontsMaykel Fonts (Cuba)

Maykel began his dancing education at Tropicana, the most prestigious dance school in Cuba, where he studied contemporary, modern, afro and rumba. In 2006 he participated in the Salsa World Congress and was awarded prizes for best choreography and best solo dancer.

He is recognised as one of the best Cuban style dancers in the world. He has a broad repertoire, and in his recently opened school in Milan, The Maykel Fonts Academy, he teaches afro, rumba, jazz, classic, contemporary, flamenco, hip-hop, tango, bachata, son, cha-cha, salsa and also percussion.


Gerardo De ArmasGerardo De Armas "Yoruba Andabo" (Cuba)


Etián Antuche AlmeidaEtián Antuche Almeida (Cuba)

Born in 1983 in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, Etián Antuche Almeida is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed Escuela Nacional de Arte (ENA) in Havana.

Etián began his specialist dance studies at the Pedro Raul Sanchez Vocational Arts School in Pinar Del Rio before moving to the Escuela Nacional de Arte in 1999.

At the National School of Art (ENA) Etian performed with the National Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba performing in the Grand Theatre of Havana in the ceremony of homage to Sergio Vitier under the direction of master Choreographer Manolo Vázquez and the Festival Buscando la Cancion Ecologica under the direction of dancer and choreographer Rule Salvem.

Between 2000-2001, Etián performed at the Limburg Festival in Holland, the International Theatre School Festival in Amsterdam and at various festivals and events in the south of France, before returning to Cuba to perform at the 6th Festival of Dance in Urban Landscapes: "Old Havana: A City in Motion” where he also worked as a dance teacher at his old dance school in Pinar Del Rio.

In 2001, Etián created the dance company Danza-Guerra with Nilda Guerra and other graduates from ENA, performing in numerous shows, plays, films and music videos for famous Cuban singers and artists including Virginia, Moneda Dura and Compay Segundo.

In 2003, Etián was invited by the American choreographer Susha Hien to participate in the production "The Fantasy Island” at the Maho Casino Theater Royal in St Marten before joining the Italian tour of the Folkloric Ballet of Cuba. Etian returned to Cuba in 2004, where he rejoined the Danza-Guerra project, which was now known as Havana Rakatan.

In 2005 Etián worked as a choreographer at the XXIII International Ballet Competition in Havana and performed in numerous productions including the Way of Water by Dutch choreographers Feri de Geus and Noortje Bijvoets and La Noche by Cuban playwright Abilio Estevez.

Etián has worked as a choreographer with the Folkloric Dance Company of Pinar Del Rio and a teacher with the Compania de Danza Contemporanea of Pinar Del Rio and is a member of the Provincial Council of the Performing Arts.

In 2006 he joined the Rakatan Ballet Company as both a dancer and choreographer, participating in the XII Festival of Havana and the Lucas Gala Award ceremony among many others. In 2007 the company created the production Havana Rakatan that ran in London at the Peacock Theatre. The production proved to be a massive success and returned to the UK for a national tour in 2008 before touring Italy, Cuba and Australia before returning to the UK for another tour in 2009.


Dawes FigueroaDawes Figueroa (Cuba)

Dawes started dancing in Cuba in the major theatres. He later moved to Italy, gaining success as a dancer and choreographer, taking part in major congresses and events across Europe.

In 2008 the pair Dawes – Rayda resumed under the project, where we can finally admire them in a fantastic work on Cuban Folklore.


Rayda SalasRayda Salas (Cuba)

Rayda started her dancing career in the 'Osirad Azul' company directed by Raul Cabrera, belonging to Asociacion Caribena de Cuba. She continued to work on many great projects in Cuba and Puertorico including 'Jala-Jala Dancing' company, the 'Ritmo Caribe' company, Casa Della Musica Egrem, and Cabaret 'Tropicana'.


Lieb J EnrichLieb J Enrich (Cuba)

Lieb is the director and choreographer of the world renowned Salsache dance company. Creator and innovator of the style salsa-hip hop, Lieb was born in Santa Clara, Cuba but now lives in Italy where he teaches salsa, hip hop, afro, contemporary and has been a Professional dancer since the age of 14.

Lieb has taught and performed at various salsa and hip hop congresses all over the world. His unique talent combined with his love and commitment to the dance and students, allows him not only to teach people how to dance but also how to love the dance.


J CrewJ Crew (Cuba/Italy)


Alain MoralesAlain Morales (Cuba)


Osbanis TejedaOsbanis Tejeda (Cuba)

Osbanis Tejeda Fajardo was born in Havana, Cuba. He comes from a family of natural talent that taught him the best way to learn was by listening and watching. He graduated a professor of Cuban percussion from the Fernando Guanches Academy, where he later worked with several Cuban musicians and taught percussion to children and adults.


Anneta Kepka (Poland)

2008 IDO World Ladies Salsa Shines Champion and 2006 UK Salsa Champion, began her dancing career in Poland with Ballroom Dance.

Over the years she has studied various forms of dance, in order to create her own unique style. She has put most emphasis on Latin dances.

Dancing is for her an everlasting passion. She now lives in London. Her current dance partner is Osbanis Tejeda, with whom she teaches and performs at congresses around the world.


Niurka AgueroNiurka Aguero (Cuba)


DJ Joel VerdeciaDJ Joel Verdecia - El Flecha (Cuba)

Better know as (Dj Flecha) has been Djing for many years and has had amazing DJ career, he has played up to 6 hours every night alternatively with the famous Cuban bands such as:

Los Van Van, Charanga Habanera, Adalberto Álvarez, Manolito Y Su Trabuco, Paulo F.G, Pupi Y Los Que Son Son, Issac Delgado, Maikel Blanco Y Su Salsa Mayor, Dan Den, Bamboleo, Michel Maza, Yumury Y Sus Hermanos, Pachito Alonso, Klimax, Gardi, Pedrito Calvo Y La Justicia, Charanga Forever, Charanga Latina, Alain Daniel, El Clan, Haila, Elito Revé, Oderquis Revé, Azúcar Negra, Carlos Manuel, Tirson Duarte, Afro Cuban All Stars, Jóvenes Clásicos Del Son, Eliades Ochoa, Los Papines.

Also other performances with the reggaetón bands Gente De Zona, Eddy K, Clan 537, Elvis Manuel, Cubanito 2002, Acento Latino, Pipey Y El Micha, Eminencia Clasica, Pandilla X, Techno Caribe, Triangulo Oscuro...

His passion is making people dance and inspiring them with fantastic Cuban and Latin Energy, Dj Flecha is known for keeping the dancefloor buzzing and energised all night in any club he plays.


Full ProjectFull Project (Italy)


Moe FlexMoe Flex (UK)

Moe Flex is one of the most exciting, inspiring and entertaining choreographers on the international Latin dance scene today! With the biggest smile in salsa, his boundless enthusiasm for dance is impossible to ignore and he has gained his reputation through sheer determination and talent.

As a leading authority in the field of dance, rhythm and body movement, Moe's unique style of teaching is now recognised Internationally and he takes his workshops and shows to congresses and events all over the world.


Gigi BellomoGigi Bellomo (Italy)


Gigi BlancoGigi Blanco (Italy)


Richard FallonRichard Fallon (UK)

A veteran of the London salsa scene, Rich is an instinctive and experienced dancer, at ease dancing and teaching all styles, though his distinctive funky take on contemporary Cuban Casino and Rueda de Casino, teaching them both on the 1 and in contratiempo (Son timing), is what he's best known for.


Susan HackingSusan Hacking (UK)

Trained in a wide variety of dance disciplines (including jazz, tap and ballet), Susan has been teaching salsa for 10 years and has studied Cuban popular and folkloric dance forms, both in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. Renowned for her attention to detail, style and technique, she is one of the UK's foremost teachers of authentic Cuban salsa and her extensive training enables her to help her students achieve greater fluidity in their body movement, a higher degree of musical interpretation and the ability to mix a variety of rhythms. She also regularly performs Cuban dance shows. Possessing an impressive knowledge of Cuban culture, Susan is a fluent Cuban Spanish speaker, has hosted 15 dance holidays to the island and is co-founder of Salsa Caribe Productions - London's leading promoters of authentic Cuban salsa.

DJ Jim LayneDJ Jim Layne (UK)

Salsa Caribe's Doctor Jim is one of the UK's most respected latin dance music DJ's.

Renowned for his ability to keep dance floors busy with his crowd pleasing selection of cutting-edge Cuban salsa and timba, latin jazz and classic Nuyorican salsa, spiced with hip hop, R&B and reggae, Doctor Jim is a highly experienced DJ who regularly plays at many of the UK's leading salsa venues and events and is available to DJ at club nights and parties.